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Welcome to JCR LIMITED

homeWith the building industry going through some radical changes in Malta and Gozo in the 1960s, Joseph Attard, a builder saw a new opportunity for an innovative product namely pre-cast concrete blocks also known as ‘bricks’. Having bought a plot of land on the outskirts of Xewkija, he developed it into a brick factory that started to manufacture and supply pre-cast concrete blocks in 1972. Together with his sons, Carmel and Raymond, Joseph formed JCR Ltd in 1982 and was the only company in Gozo to use a mechanised system to mass produce concrete blocks.

JCR Ltd started off as a general concrete supplier providing concrete products for roofing, concrete planks and the production of small quantities of pre-cast concrete blocks which became widespread in the local building industry. Eventually the company diversified and started importing chemical materials from Italy especially for the use of concrete structures. MORE >>


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